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Nat e Alex no KidFetti, um site de Jovens Famosos

O Nat e o Alex estão em um site de famosos jovens, tipo de crianças a adolecentes famosos, olhem oque escreveram sobre eles, o tradutor do meu pc ñ ta funcionando então eu vou deixar em ingles, mesmo, desculpas pra quem não entende ingles....rsrs..:NAT WOLFF (Nat)
Singer/composer/keyboardist Nat Wolff, 14, who is the lead singer/songwriter of The Naked Brothers Band, first rocked in preschool when his band was born. Since then, he has penned more than 100 songs, from romantic Rosalina to Crazy Car. Post 9/11, his tuneful tribute Firefighters helped his parents raise $46,000 for the families of an ill-fated local squadron.

Nat wrote 13 of the 15 original songs from the television series that are featured on the debut Nickelodeon and Columbia Records album, The Naked Brothers Band. On The Naked Brothers Band's second album, I Don't Want To Go To School, Nat wrote 11 of the 14 songs. The album features music from the second season of the hit series. All of the music on both albums were written and performed by Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff. Nat is a recipient of the BMI 2007 Cable Award and has been nominated for a Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Award for Best TV Actor.

Dubbed "the girl magnet," his modest, sensitive character sees himself as anything but -- and finds socializing with the fair sex daunting to say the least. Otherwise mature beyond his years, on-screen Nat nurtures everyone from his band members to his own dad.

The young performer's recent off-Broadway credits include Getting into Heaven and The Heartbeat of Bagdad. In addition, he is a regular at the Improv Comedy Club and performed at the 2005 New York Underground Comedy Festival's Improv 4 Series. Multi-talented Nat also wrote, directed and produced a short film entitled Don't Eat Off My Plate starring his parents, Polly Draper and Michael Wolff (respectively executive producer/creator and co-executive producer/music supervisor, The Naked Brothers Band).

Nat is an avid basketball player and a Beatles trivia buff.

11-year-old Alex Wolff marks his first acting gig as the irresistibly charming and witty "bad boy" drummer in The Naked Brothers Band. Decked out in doo-rags and fake tattoos culled from his real-life collection, he's expressive and a bit of a loose cannon on-screen. Yet the young drummer-singer-songwriter's musicianship and big heart earn him respect as a band member.

Alex alias "A&W Skittles" is a natural comedian known for his outrageous comeback lines. He started playing the saxophone at age two but switched to drums a couple of years later, at which point older brother Nat tapped him for his band.

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Alex penned two of the songs, "I Could Be" and "Alien Clones" from their debut album, The Naked Brothers Band and three songs, "Why," "Three is Enough," and "Changing" from their second album, I Don't Want To Go To School. All of the music on both albums were written and performed by Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff. Alex is also a recipient of the BMI 2007 Cable Award.

Alex, also starred last summer in the hit black and white music video "The Take Over, The Break's Over" from the famed rock band, Fall Out Boy.

Next up for Naked Brothers Band Scavenger Hunt. Nick re-airs two episodes - Mystery Girl at 2pm, and Operation Mojo at 3pm. As those episodes re-air, clues for an Naked Brothers Band scavenger hunt scroll across the screen for kids to answer on nick.com in order to win a free download of a previously never-aired clip episode from season #2 (where Nat & Alex play their nerdy characters "Leo & Theo). February 7th: Teen Nick Crush Night with new episodes of several Nick shows including the NBB Valentines Episode. On March 14th: "Naked Idol" one-hour NBB special airs (Episode where Rosalina leaves the band and is replaced).